Do You Eat Mangoes?

It is definitely mango season in Kampot. The mangoes are cheap, abundant and juicy. Eating at least a kilo per day is recommended. That is only about 3-4 mangoes anyway. Don’t brag unless you hit three kilos per day.

At The Market a kilo costs from 50¢ to $1.75. The reason for the price difference is that there are a large number of mango varieties, some are more prized than others. This alchemist prefers to buy the large mangoes of the cheaper varieties, usually about 75¢ per kilo.

So here is something that maybe you do not know about, eating the kernel fat. Once the mango flesh has been eaten there is a pit or ‘stone’ left and it is usually discarded. But wait! Save the stone. Let it dry for about a week in the shade or a day in full sun.

Once it is dry, the stone can be cracked open and the kernel can be seen inside. Eat that thing as is. Or save a bunch of them and process them into Mango Butter, which is also used for skin care. The kernel is super dense in nutrients, check it out, give it some thought.

More about the mango kernel:
Dried Mango Seed / Kernel – Uses & Home Remedies
by Shanthi Krishnakumar


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