Medicinal Silver

Silver is an antibiotic older than penicillin. It works on contact to effectively kill bacteria, fungus and virus. There are also a couple properties of silver that make it unique among antibiotics. Bacteria and viruses do not develop a resistance to silver and it is 100% non-toxic to human cells.

The most popular use for colloidal silver, or silver hydrosol, is to help wounds heal quickly. It can be sprayed directly on the wound or a bandage can be soaked and left on overnight. If the wound is already infected, re-apply at least 3 times per day.

A recommended daily way to use silver is as a mouthwash. Swish it in the mouth for 10 or 20 minutes then spit, rinse with water+baking soda & brush. This method helps keep tooth infections in check and is great for oral health in general.

Daily internal use (swallowing) is not recommended. This is because silver will also kill some beneficial flora in the gut. This can be counteracted by using probiotics such as Poi or Water Kefir. However, swallowing silver is only recommended when it is used for relief from specific discomfort, on a non-regular basis. Symptoms that re-occur after treatment with silver incidate that there is a deeper issue that needs attention.

With some creativity, silver can also reach the sinuses or lungs. For instance, purchase a nasal spray or inhaler at a pharmacy. Dispose of the petroleum product that comes in it. Fill with medicinal silver solution and inhale. This works great for relief from cold symptoms.

Silver solution is good for pets too. Spray it on mange, rub into the skin and watch the fur come back. Of course if an animal has a wound silver can help keep the wound infection-free. The anti-fungal properties of silver also make it useful in gardening and as a household cleaner.


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