Nanoparticle Silver is available in Kampot!


What is it?!
Silver is an antibiotic older than penicillin. It works on sustained contact to stop infections and promote healing. Unlike other antibiotics, viruses and bacteria cannot develop a resistance to silver. And it is 100% non-toxic to human cells.

The environment of Cambodia, and SE Asia in general, can be aggressively infectious. Traveling by itself can be hard on the human body and then of course motorbike accidents and intestinal complaints are common too. For these reasons Silver Solution is the traveler’s best friend.

Local Alchemy’s Silver Solution consists of  pure silver particles electrically suspended in pure water with no additives. The solution is colloidal and particles are kept small enough that there is no visible color.

Best Uses

  •  For flesh wounds, soak a bandage with Silver Solution and keep in contact with a wound. Re-apply 3x per day.
  • Apply directly into eyes, ears & nose to stop infections. Re-apply daily as needed.
  • Use daily as a mouthwash. Hold a spoonfull in mouth for at least ten minutes, longer is better.
  • Drink one or two capfulls to quickly relieve food poisoning.
  • Apply immediately to burns and during healing to avoid scars.
  • Works great on pets for wounds, skin conditions and deworming.

Local Alchemy’s Silver Solution is currently available
in these Kampot retail locations.

Banteay Srey Women’s Spa

Blue Buddha Hotel

Ellie’s Cafe

OM Cafe

Urban Kitchen


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