Large Bottle Silver Solution for One or Two Week Cleanse

bigbottlesilver-prodshot-smallWhen using silver to treat long term conditions, dosage and duration are important. To get the most out of the 600 mL bottle, drink 20 mL in the morning and before bed. Done daily this provides a 15 day cleanse that is gentle. Consistency helps too of course. Alternatively, a ten day cleanse can be 20 mL, three times per day. Or a seven day cleanse can be drinking 40 mL morning and evening. Always ingest silver on an empty stomach for maximum effect.

A free consultation is required for purchase the first time. The two week regimen is a great way to familiarize yourself with the system wide effects of silver. People with serious conditions should be aware that a Herxheimer reaction can occur.

This large bottle is not stocked in stores but is available by special order. Ask about the Large Bottle at any Silver Solution retailer or send a message via Facebook. Delivery or pick up is available only in Kampot Town.

The Large Bottle is only $20 and comes with a 20 mL shot glass.
Order fulfillment may take a few days.

Special thanks to all the previous Large Bottle customers and beta testers.
Your intelligent feedback has helped keep this project going.


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