Bruce McBurney on Colloidal Silver and Gold

The legendary Bruce McBurney is interviewed in Toronto Canada by He labored many years producing colloidal minerals, perfecting production techniques and sharing his information as widely as possible. For people unfamiliar with drinking colloidal silver, this is a good introduction to the possibilities.

A little bit funny part of the interview is when Bruce expresses a great perspective on the blue guy that appeared on Oprah. “You come to find out, he drank one quart per day at 800 ppm [ed: for years]. That’s 2400 times the prescribed dosage. Do you know anything on the planet you can take 2400 times your prescribed daily dosage for one week, and live?”

In 2015 Bruce McBurney passed away.
May he Rest In Power.

Links to research mentioned in the interview,

Novel Nanotechnology-Based Antiviral Agents:
silver nanoparticle neutralization of hemorrhagic fever viruses
published by the [US] Air Force Research Laboratory

Gold And Its Relationship To Neurological/Glandular Conditions
published by the Meridian Institute


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