Neem Infused Coconut Oil

neemCoconutOil-websizedLocal Alchemy has a limited supply of Neem infused Coconut Oil available. This oil is great at healing all kinds of skin conditions that have not responded to other treatments. Neem is very popular in India but it is also used medicinally in Khmer culture and grows widely in Cambodia.

Initial reports from the testers of this oil have been very good, and it works on pets as well. Note that ingesting this oil will have a strong dehydrating effect on the body. Not that eating it is recommended, but it has been tested for various uses.

The packaging is a re-purposed Tobasco bottle which holds two ounces or 59 mL. The glass bottle has a drip top which makes it perfect for applying just the right amount to just the right spot. The supply is limited because it takes months to dry the neem leaves and infuse the oil.

A single bottle costs five US dollars. This product is not available in shops. To acquire some, message Louie Alchemy on facebook, (they gave me problems about the name Local) or ask a Silver Solution retailer to communicate your order. Pop around to the house, or ask me next time we see each other, because Kampot is that small.


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